Black and Brown Glitter Ring Resin and Clay Earrings

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Designed and hand crafted using premium quality polymer clay – these lightweight earrings are cut, baked, sanded, drilled and assembled with love and care.

Our polymer clay earrings are designed and hand pigmented resulting in the colour placement on each pair being slightly different. This means that your pair of earrings may not be identical to the ones pictured. 

Materials: Polymer Clay,  Stainless Steel 

Caring for your Polymer Clay earrings:  Please treat your earrings with care. Although the clay is strong the earrings may crack or break if dropped. Be sure to store in a clean, dry area. Avoid spraying perfumes or oil-based liquids onto the earrings as this may stain them. If pieces become dirty, wipe with a damp cloth. Not recommended for wear in water

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Black and Brown Glitter Ring Resin and Clay Earrings
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