Shona Lily

Founder of Petite Daisy Designs


I’m Shona Lily and I am the founder and maker/designer here at Petite Daisy Designs. Please get comfortable and make yourself at home!

Creating has always been a passion of mine but truth be told I never knew what to create. I just knew I had a burning desire to create things which made other people happy. Whether that be songs, artwork, or making a huge mess making little potions for my mum as child (sorry, mum). Then, in 2015, after struggling to find work and with a lot of spare time on my hands, I created a little online jewellery shop which incorporated the use of buttons into the jewellery designs. Long story short, it was a disaster and I quickly closed my little store as I had found a “real” job which then took up all of my time. But the desire and feeling of excitement I got from creating something that someone could wear and enjoy stuck with me and was always at the back of my mind.

So, in May 2020 I created Petite Daisy Designs! I am finally able to fulfill my passion of creating beautiful jewellery, accessories and homeware and do something that I enjoy. At Petite Daisy Designs we have one goal and that’s to create items that suit your style and personality perfectly.

Rest assured that all of our pieces are made with so much love, care and passion.


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